Hin Sang Premium Health Star (Granules)

Hin Sang Premium Health Star (Granules)

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Hin Sang Premium Health Star(Granules) helps baby and parents to have good dream. This product contains Sharpleaf Galangal Fruit, Mulberry Leaf, Exocarpium Citri Rubrum, Coix Seed etc. added to help babies and children to have a good dream and without cane sugar.


Glucose, Maltodextrin, Sharoleaf Galangal Fruit, Exocarpium Citri Rubrum, Hawthorn Fruit, Coix Seed, Lophatherum Gracile, Malt, Mulberry Leaf, Phaseolus Calcaratus, Membrane of Chicken Gizzard, Liquorice Root, Fructo-oligosaccharide, Stevioside, Natural Fruit Extract.

Direction and dosage

Dissolve each pack with a glass of warm water or mix with soy milk/ milk.


This product contains cereals and legume which containing gluten.

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