Q Taste Buddy Blissful Braised Pork

Q Taste Buddy Blissful Braised Pork

  • $80.00

The soft and tender juice of Q bomb is rich, dense and dreamy and fragrant!

We use warm-body pigs slaughtered that day, marinated with scapula, pork belly, cheek meat, and pig hind legs. We use shallots, garlic crisps, and stir-fry to create a stunning aroma. The marinade adds brown sugar and spices, which is warm and golden. The marinade is poured on the hot fragrant rice in a ratio of 1:8. Adding a marinated egg, or accompanied by other ingredients, can make people unable to stop grabbing rice and full of happiness.

The meal is superb, the noodles are drooling, and it is delicious as a sauce!

Heat for three minutes, happiness is in my heart.
Convenience is not casual, and the way of eating is varied.


It can be paired with sauerkraut and has another flavor


Three packs in one box, priced at HK$78

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